Your reason why, new habits and get out of that ZONE!

Your reason why, new habits and get out of that ZONE!

I was chatting to somebody today and they said to me “what do I want to get fit for?” If I wasn’t about to conduct a group training session I would have firstly asked him questions to find out more information about why he rhetorically asked me that and then secondly I could have spent an hour listing the endless positives of being fit and healthy. There is just no question that being fit is so much more rewarding than being unfit – it is just that simple. However I was more intrigued about what prompted the questioner to ask such a question…

How did they think that it wasn’t important to look after your health? Is it because they haven’t got a reason to care, a reason “why”? Because once your “why” is discovered there is nothing that can stop you in your pursuit. So ask yourself these questions, what do you want to achieve from your life? And what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

My best friend recently shared this quote with me “He who has a why to live for, can bare almost any how” and I absolutely love these words. What it means is that when you know what you get up for in the morning, your purpose of living and how you can add value to humanity and the world it doesn’t matter what obstacles are thrown at you or how many hurdles you have to jump you will always find a way of how to do your thing, whatever your thing might be.

This is your reason “why”.

In one of my latest seminars I asked the audience to raise their hands if they knew the reason that they are on this planet. I saw approximately 9 hands raised, meaning the rest of the people, although maybe happy, just do what they do everyday without knowing why they are even doing it, they are conforming and doing it because that is what society says you must do. Your reason “why” will push you forwards, it will develop you and those around you and it will allow you to live a fulfilling life where everyday is a positive plus. Discover YOUR reason “why”.

I recently asked a client to share three of their current habits with me, the answers were “swearing, eating cake and smoking”. Yes these are all ligitimate answers but what they failed to mention was any positive habits they have, such as eating porridge for breakfast, training 3 times per week or cleaning their teeth. It is amazing how people automatically turn to a negative answer, instead of a positive, when asked with such an open question. Is this drilled into us? Where does it come from and why is negativity the default?

It is important to set goals in your life, to you know where you are heading. And even if these goals require you to learn new things then that shouldn’t stop you from setting them you just have to create new habits which will take you forward to ensure you achieve them. So when creating new, POSITIVE habits there are three things which, when all done in conjunction with each other, will help your habit creation be a success. Firstly you need the knowledge of what you must do to create it, you need to know why your doing the new things. Secondly you need the skills in order to create it so find out how you do whatever it is you want to do. And thirdly you must have the desire to create the habit, you have to want to do it. So when knowledge, skills and desire are all working together a new habit can be formed and cemented. It is said that it takes 21 days for a habit to be formed, but it only takes 1 day to break it – stay strong!

With the first two points of this article covered (your reason why and the creation of new habits) I wanted to share how I have combined those together to set a goal which is taking me completely out of that zone. That zone being….the comfort zone. I have always had tremendous respect for the sport of boxing. The top athletes dedicate themselves to an intense training camp as to be in peak condition for fight night. Their fitness levels are admirable and the fact that when it comes to the crunch they are completely on their own in the ring with nowhere to hide facing another human being, another athlete, who is equally driven with the same goal to become victorious. I have done a bit of boxing training, a bit of pad work and some skipping but I have never had a fight. However I have always had a burning desire, something inside of me that has wanted to step in the ring with someone but have never done it for one reason or another. Scared? Maybe. Easier not to? Certainly. So now the time has arrived to step out of my comfort zone and take part in a white collar boxing event. In 5 weeks time I will be facing an opponent with the same goal as me – to be victorious. Scared? Maybe. Easier not to? Certainly. But what I am doing is facing the fear and doing it anyway, I am using my reason why as motivation and I have had to create new habits in order to achieve this goal.

If you are in pursuit of developing yourself, growing as a person and striving towards fulfilling your potential then you must step outside your comfort zone. You won’t evolve if you stay in it. That doesn’t mean you must take part in a boxing match however I do urge you to try things that “scare” you, set big targets and do things that you wouldn’t usually do in order to achieve them. We all have the potential within us to achieve and succeed but with influences coming from a number of sources most people are filled with self-doubt, low self esteem and a negative approach and mindset. Time to change that, time to be a winner, to be optimistic and to believe in YOU!

Thank you as always,
Warm wishes as always,
Adam Corlett 🙂

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