To serve, to give back, to enhance the lives of others

To serve, to give back, to enhance the lives of others

Our passion. Our mission statement;

To inspire self-belief, infuse self-confidence and inject positivity into the lives of 100,000+ people worldwide!

ACE life was born out of a sheer passion, it was born to constantly progress towards the above statement. I even think the number written is far too short of the potential number of lives we can enhance. But 100,00 seems like a good target – for now.

Since my last post it has been such a fantastic couple of months. I have traveled, completed events, raised money for charity, implemented new systems into my business, made more friends and enhanced relationships along the way. I am writing this post from Mijas Costa on the South Coast of Spain, the weather is warm and the temperature is rising. I have just sat down, the sweat is pouring off me as I have just completed filming for one of my fitness videos, which will be available for viewing soon, and my mood is relaxed yet focused.


I believe it is important to reward yourself once a goal is accomplished. In May I had my first boxing fight and competed in a bodybuilding competition, I put my body through a lot. My reward – a trip to a place where I have always wanted to go – Las Vegas! Vegas is simply incredible, it has got EVERYTHING and you can do anything you want at anytime. My adventure there was filled with creating lasting memories, from watching the phenomenal Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson tribute, to boxing in Floyd Mayweathers gym, to flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. And then to have the law of attraction work for me how it did out there in terms of meeting new and old friends at times and in places which can only be written as part of my journey and destiny was just astonishing. Personally I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe each and every action occurs and happens for a reason, but if I did believe in them this epic journey would have been coincidence after coincidence! I would rather look at it from an open mind and ask the question; why has that just happened? For what was the reason of my interaction with this person?

Procrastination. What does this mean? The dictionary describes procrastination as; the action of delaying or postponing something. If you think of something and never put it into action – that’s what procrastination is. Whilst in Vegas I met a friend from New Zealand there. When I say a friend we had spoken a maximum of 3 times in a 10 month period! But due to the powers of social media we had built a relationship by messaging regularly and watching each others journey progress. So when she expressed an interest in joining me in Las Vegas I thought why not? This person is very focussed and driven on building her brand and business, she too is in the health and wellness profession. She shared with me some of her systems that have worked so well for her with clients and running a business and it was nice to hear about other avenues that I could potentially take (always learning!!) so it is fair to say I was inspired to implement some of the same systems into my business upon my arrival back in the UK and with no time for procrastination I went to work. I am happy to announce that on August 1st ACE Life will commence its first 6 week RESULTS program led by myself. Which will be a high intensity group training program targeted at those who want to melt body fat and improve their strength and fitness. And this is thanks to my Kiwi friend as she runs these types of sessions all the time, so I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Miss B! I am really excited by this as now ACE Life will have the capacity to be able to improve the health of more people at once which takes us ever closer to the 100,000!

The success stories keep on coming from the individuals who I am privileged to work with every week and this was no more apparent when one of my guys came to me expressing how he was travelling to the USA and really wanted to release a stone before he went. We had 4 weeks! We went to work! The focus from this person was something I hadn’t seen before from him, he wanted this and wanted it bad. That is the amazing thing about being specific when you set your goals and targets and also marrying a date to your goal gives you much more of a chance of success. Training 2 or 3 times per week and really paying attention to his nutrition one day before he departed he had released an amazing 13 pounds, one pound short of the target. The day after his arrival in America I received the message…15 pounds gone! A great achievement and proof to himself and everybody else that when you set a goal, attach a date to it and are serious about achieving it then you can do it!

During the 4 weeks of that person achieving his fantastic results I had a challenge of my own to conquer. Me and a friend had signed up for the Rob Roy Challenge in Scotland. This includes a 16 mile hike over undulating terrain proceeded by a 56 mile bike ride taking in the beautiful scenery of a very hilly part of the world.


I felt very grateful at 5:15am on the Saturday morning when I peeled back the curtains to see blue skies and the sun shining. I felt very grateful at 7am to be commencing this challenge with a good friend of mine and I was very happy for him to be taking on such an event. I felt very grateful 10 hours, 16 minutes and 43 seconds later as we crossed the finish line together with beaming smiles on our faces. But I got the best feeling seeing my mate push his body and mind to make sure he completed what we had signed up for all those months ago. It was never in doubt that we would complete it, I knew we would as I know what the human body is capable of when the mind is strong. But this was my friends biggest event for a good few years so to feel his sense of accomplishment and be present with him whilst he did it was special for me. And we celebrated with a well-deserved dip in the ice-cold Loch Tay! Another beautiful consequence from achieving this with my friend, our bond and relationship was strengthened and it is this, which I am most grateful for.

New week new challenge ahead and it was swapping Scotland for Wales. Another friend of mine had expressed an interest that she wanted to reach the summit of Mt. Snowdon, as she had never done it before, so as we had agreed on a date of this happening we packed our rucksacks and headed for the highest mountain in Wales. We had agreed on an early start, and when I say agreed she had reluctantly said yes to my command that we were starting early! So by 8am we were on the mountain making our way to the peak. The weather was warm at the bottom yet damp, the rain was holding off and the skies were grey but surrounding nature was lush and there were not many other people on the ascent. I was really enjoying the experience and was happy at my friends progress and pace, as we saw some people coming down we asked how far approximately away we were from the summit and the response was 40-60 minutes away. By this point the layers were starting to be applied and a few minutes further on and you couldn’t see 2 metres in front of you as we progressed into the mist and fog. And to make it even nicer the wind really started to howl! We soldiered on, my friend all the time staying focussed and positive until the summit was near, still un able to see the peak the last climb is an unmistakeable climb of steep steps and once we were up there I could see the sense of delight and joy on my friends face, it was lovely to witness. I picked her up and placed her on the monument at the top and at that point she was literally the highest person in the whole of Wales – how cool is that!


We were even privileged enough to witness a proposal up there. The man was down on one knee, as we stood only a few feet away and watched, as the bride to be ecstatically gave him the nod of approval to place the ring on her finger. He had even brought a bottle of champagne up with him and with their hands shaking as the temperature was so low they they took the flute to their lips to celebrate their engagement.

On our descent my friend was buzzing with what she had just done, and rightly so. Every person we passed she was telling them they would love it at the top and how good they would feel for reaching the summit. To be witness of someone buzzing so much was fantastic, it made the walk down through the now rain, very much worth it. Again, just as the week before, I felt blessed to be part of this persons accomplishment.

Then just last week came another challenge and this time it was to raise money for a local boy who requires a life saving operation. I wasn’t 100% sure of the details but what I did know is that he needs all the help he can get and the target amount was £140,000!! I love to give back and help out when I can so I challenged myself to complete burpees for 1.5 hours. So Sunday morning at 9:15am I commenced the burpee-athon. There was also lots of other people at the venue doing all sorts of fitness orientated activities to help raise money and I was grateful for the support and motivation I received with people burpeeing along with me at different intervals. After the 90 minutes was up I was happy to reveal that I had managed to raise £530.00 towards the charity – another great accomplishment and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Charlie all the best.

And speaking of accomplishments leads me on to why I am in Spain writing this piece. I re-connneted with someone a few months ago after approximately 10 years of not seeing them. As always I was very interested to hear all about what she had been doing, what adventures she had been on and what had been going on over the period of our relationship absence. I too revealed what I had been working on and where I had been etc and having read my previous blogs and watched my testimonials she decided it was time for a health improvement, I happily obliged. We started working together, the unwanted weight soon started to melt away and as she started to feel better about herself. Now anyone who has read my blogs and knows my ethos will also know that ACE Life’s services are so much more, so much deeper than fitness alone. It’s all about PMA (positive mental attitude) and self-belief to conquer anything in your life, not only a fitness goal. Knowing what I have to offer and cementing a solid confidential relationship she revealed to me about a phobia, a fear, that had plagued her for 16 years. (THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN PUBLISHED WITH MY CLIENTS PERMISSION. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY IS PARAMOUNT IN ACE LIFE’S ETHOS)

And whilst in Spain I took the liberty of filming a couple of fitness videos which will be posted on my website in the near future! A truly memorable couple of months having helped, witnessed and been part of some fantastic achievements and goal smashing experiences. I do what I love and love what I do every day, do all you can to live your ACE Life, set big goals and go after them with a relentless attitude, be friendly and kind to people and make sure you are spending your time with the right kind of people – those who will push you forward rather than pulling you down.

Until next time, thank you so much for reading and for your support, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more inspiring stories and trainng ideas!

Warm wishes and all the very best,

Your friend,

Adam Corlett 🙂

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