All of your nutritional needs are covered right here at The ACE Academy Thailand.


Locally sourced ingredients, prepared fresh on site by our experienced team gives your food choices all of the Thai authenticity whilst bringing you ultimate health benefits. And that is what food should be – healthy. To empower you from the inside out, to fuel your aspirations and to provide the energy for your daily decisions and actions. The power of nutrition is a potent force which can be taken advantage of right here.


This is an all-inclusive experience therefore all meals are covered within your chosen package. We start the day with brewed Hilltribe coffee and Thai herbal tea mixtures from 6:45am with an extensive buffet selection from 8:15am – 1:30pm and then once again from 6:00 – 8:00pm. Catering for a wide variety of requirements, raw and vegan options are available and popular, with fish and dairy also on the menu. Lots of fresh veggies, organic salad, sprouts and seeds, Thai fruits and homemade jams and nutbutter. Nutritious and delicious.


We offer a full complimentary buffet to you during your stay with us;

A full breakfast buffet with homemade bread, muesli and granola

Fresh fruits from Thailand

Homemade selection of nut butter and jams

Fresh and organic salads, sprouts and seeds

Homemade healthy salad dressings

Raw dishes, salads and pastes

Fermented probiotic rich veggies

Vegan milks, dairy milk, and homemade electrolytes

Freshly made juices and Thai herbal tea mixtures

Black tea and brewed Hilltribe Coffee

Freshly made egg options of your choice

Delicious variety of lunch items, Thai and international

Tasty and enjoyable variety of dinner items

Vegan, vegetarian and fish options

Our Healthy Lite Corner for both buffet times – including raw salad, fishbone broth, green detox soup, miso soup, steamed veggies and greens

We also provide freshly squeezed fruit juice, protein shakes, smoothies, probiotic drinks, wheatgrass shots and lots of water to flood your system with beautiful vitamins and minerals replacing any toxicity with rich immune boosting liquid sunshine.


A personalised approach to nutrition


Just as everybody’s sleep requirements are different as is everybody’s nutritional requirements. It must be personal to you for it to work effectively. And the fantastic thing is that it doesn’t have to be confusing, in fact it is very simple and we are going to teach you how to keep it that way for life.


During your stay with us you can benefit from nutritional seminars and education sessions. We will bust the common myths and clear up the confusion. During these sessions you will learn the different macronutrients and how to recognise where calories lie, how many you should be consuming daily and what happens if you consume too many. We will also give you the information on why carbohydrates, protein and fats are required within the body and what each of them provide in terms of daily movements and activities.


When visiting us we want your experience to live on and on and for you to take away as much as possible to implement into the rest of your life. We offer private one to one nutritional sessions for everyone who would like it to crunch the numbers specific to your lifestyle and design a plan going forward specific to your health goals.





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