When it comes to all things fitness and nutrition, international Personal Trainer and 6 times marathoner Adam is the man with the plan.


All sessions are adaptable to every level of fitness so if you are just starting out or an experienced athlete you will be equally challenged. Our fitness sessions are based around burning away body fat, increasing heart and lung functionality and allowing rich oxygenated blood to surge through your veins. All with the fun element attached too!

With a whole range of equipment used from TRX, power bags, battle ropes and of course the best instrument possible – your body, you are in for some exciting and challenging workouts. Each one different to allow focus and concentration levels to stay elevated furthermore shocking your system each time to force the adaptation process to occur.


(This means placing positive stresses – progressive overload – on your system and when the body recovers it is forced to recover to a heightened state ready to be pushed again.)

Our emphasis is always safety first and all exercises are prescribed in a safe and effective manner, full demonstrations and teaching points will be given. Not only this we only use trusted and proven movements to get the very most from every repetition – none of these crazy moves you are likely to see published on social media these days! Basics work best and we like to keep it simple for our visitors to ensure thorough enjoyment and maximum gains.


Adam will also cover all your nutritional queries and questions on an individual level. Contrary to common belief, every person requires a bespoke nutritional blueprint, everybody is unique and what you eat should reflect that. This is a topic which causes more confusion than any other and Adam is here to bust the myths, give you the correct information and again keep it simple so you can benefit from great health for the rest of your life. More about nutrition can be found HERE.





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