Feeling focussed to live your ACE Life?

Feeling focussed to live your ACE Life?

Brilliant, excellent, tremendous, fantastic and exciting. Just some of the words to describe the start of 2016. I was asked yesterday how my day was and I replied “really great” their response “do you ever have a bad day?” my reply “NO!” Every day I do what I love and I love what I do, I help to add structure to peoples physical training, I assist in challenging people to achieve their own personal dreams – both personally and physically and I am breathing, living, experiencing and learning every day so how can I have a bad day? I am completely content with who I am and excited about the person I am becoming, every day is a blessing.

I set a goal this year to visit a place that I had never been before; it turns out Oslo, Norway was the destination I would visit. I have had the ultimate pleasure of training and coaching an amateur national champion boxer. I have also enjoyed the benefit of receiving some coaching off him as I learn a new discipline too and I have loved learning the art of boxing! Our training commenced with his goal of increasing his fitness and weight reduction to be ready for any upcoming fights. I say it is an ultimate pleasure to train this man and I say that because of the attitude shown. Always on time, always ready and always doing exactly as I ask. The weight came off, the fitness increased and the resulting fight was for him to represent England against Norway in his first international duel, his first fight without a head guard, his first fight out of the country and his first fight for 2 years. What an incredible achievement before a punch had even been thrown!


There was never any doubt that I was going to watch and support my client as he achieved a goal of his own, so I booked the tickets and I was off to the snow covered Oslo – somewhere that I had never been! The trip was all about watching the fight, I saw a bit of the city and a very nice city it is, especially as it was covered in a white blanket. And as the snow compacted and crumpled beneath my footsteps as I headed to the venue I was excited and nervous for what lay ahead. I knew we had done enough in the gym, I knew he was fit enough and I had complete faith in this mans ability. There were another 9 fights preceding my clients bout and as he entered the ring, looking calm and collected, England were 5-4 in the lead. The first bell rang, the tension was high, the crowd were loud and all chanting for the Norwegian opponent, the atmosphere was fantastic. To be in the presence of my client doing what he does best, watching him in action and representing the whole of England was a spine tingling moment, a memory I will hold onto forever. I felt a complete sense of pride run through my body, I felt so privileged to be in the position I was in. The fight was a 3 round duel and no doubt in my mind, and in the minds of everyone else watching it over the internet, my client won 2 rounds to 1. He moved well, outboxed his opponent, landed more punches and clearly was the winner. Having home advantage and not wanting to lose the contest in their own country the judges, unfairly, gave the decision to the Norwegian fighter. I was gutted for my client, and I can’t even begin to imagine how he was feeling. We hugged it out, exchanged some words and I left for him to reflect with his teammates. On January 23rd 2016 in Oslo, Norway Alex Dickinson did himself, his teammates, his family and friends, his city and his country extremely proud – what an incredible achievement, what an honour and what an experience!

On the subject of setting goals, it is completely up to you how far you want to go and high you want to reach. On a personal note I am 16 weeks out from competing in my 2nd body building competition and I am feeling focussed and on track. I am loving my training which has been different to traditional body building techniques as I am including a lot of cardio and HIIT work and focussing less on training and “sculpting” individual body parts, only time will tell if my method works but it feels so great to feel fit and full of energy with a real hunger to train and nourish my body.

My aim and purpose is to inspire others, to touch other peoples lives and positively impact them. Last Monday I was invited into a section of the NHS to chat with people who have long term health conditions which was a very humbling experience and on Tuesday I was given the opportunity to talk to the younger generation and share my stories with 160 high school students on the importance of self-belief, your circle of influence and stepping outside your comfort zone to pursue your dreams. This was certainly outside of my comfort zone but once I was well underway I really started to enjoy the experience and reflecting back on it I absolutely loved it. If I have inspired only one of the students and from that they achieve what they want then I will consider my experience a success.

As part of my journey I want to talk in front of more people, more schools and more businesses in an attempt to inspire and educate others to become the best version of themselves and use what they have deep within them to turn and transform their life into living it exactly how they want to. Because everyone is born with the potential to fulfil their ambition. There will be negative influences and influencers who don’t think you can, there will be the naysayers who will try to pull you down and there will be the people who will ask the question “what makes you so special?” but if deep within yourself you know what you want and what you are capable of then there is only one person that will stop you achieving exactly what you desire. And that person is YOU!

Warm regards and I wish you all the best,

Adam Corlett 🙂

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