Christmas – a great time for reflection

Christmas – a great time for reflection

Christmas time is an amazing time for reflection. A time to think about the year that has preceded it and a time to truly be grateful for what you do have. I had an interesting conversation with a client who asked the question “do we put too much pressure on ourselves to have an amazing Christmas Day?” I thought this was a great question and with everyone readily sharing about how wonderful their Christmas is on social media some people may feel pressurised into having to have the best day ever. Truth be told everyone’s idea of a great day is totally different so no matter what you see on Facebook just remember if you are having a nice time for you then that is what counts – don’t compare your situation to anyone else’s. In addition to that there are millions around the world who will be spending this day alone so be grateful for what you do have as there are so many more unfortunate people out there. To elaborate on this it is said that Christmas is a time to be spent with loved ones and again for a lot of people this just isn’t the case, at least not all of your loved ones. There are people in this world that I would love nothing more for them to be sat around my table this Christmas but for one reason or another they won’t be there which I could be upset about but instead I choose to be happy for them, where they are, and who they are spending Christmas with as well as cherishing the people who I am fortunate enough to be in the presence of.

When I think that last year I was at a friends house in New Zealand celebrating Christmas I realise how much my life has changed in one year. This particular friendship with Calvin blossomed from the moment we met in the gym and I was, and still am, incredibly thankful for the invitation to spend this day with him and his family – especially as Uncle Sam, dressed up as Santa, presented me with a gift from Calvin and his family. And to then be invited to another couples house in the evening to spend a few hours with them was again so precious to me as I had been in the country for only 6 months and there I was enjoying a warm Christmas Day with two different families. One year on I thank everyone for welcoming me into your homes last year. I will be forever grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

As I look back on the last year I have met some truly incredible people. People who I will remain friends with forever, people who have impacted my life forever and people who have helped shape my present and their influence will help me shape my own future. Everyone will have been faced with decisions, challenges, obstacles and situations this year and at the time they may have seemed like they were the toughest thing in the world to overcome. But now as you reflect back, you are exactly where you are meant to be as a result of the choices you have made which may make you ask the question; was my decision the right one? Well at the time you made it the answer is most likely yes it was the right one and a lot of the time, but not all the time, the decision is easy but it is the implementation of the decision is the difficult part. Life is all about choices, and our choices will be heavily influenced by our influencer(s) so I challenge you with this – be your own biggest influence! Allow yourself to become inspired by your own actions and your own thoughts, allow yourself to dream big and make big plans, allow yourself to do what you always said you were going to do and head into the next chapter of your life with a focus, a plan and a target to aim towards.

2016 will be here before you know it and it will be Christmas 2016 before you know it too so if you want more from life, more from your body and more from yourself then start to work on it ASAP do not leave it, because what are you waiting for? The time is now to make your change even if it is a scary one but you know it is the right thing to do. Enjoy Christmas, celebrate the New Year but head into 2016 determined to make it YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

Merry Christmas to all, thank you to everyone who has made 2015 an incredible year and all the best in 2016!

Warm Wishes, Adam Corlett 🙂

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