Believe, Achieve, Inspire

Believe, Achieve, Inspire

There are two phrases I always find myself saying, preaching and doing my best to live by; “Become the best version of you” and “set goals, then achieve them”. The first phrase is a message of constantly and never ending improvement. I don’t believe anybody on this planet will ever reach the full potential of what their amazing human body is capable of but for me that is the exciting thing, the thing that we all should constantly chase and try, try and try some more to be better than we were yesterday, last week, last month and last year. The second phrase comes in many wonderful ways; to set a goal no matter how big or how small is a goal set and once achieved I believe that is a massive success. Obviously some goals will be bigger than others and some goals will have more significance than others but let’s not forget that a minor goal for somebody may be a major goal for somebody else so no matter what your goal is I encourage you 100% to go on to achieve it.

The title of this blog; Believe, Achieve, Inspire was the moto of my first company I set up in New Zealand. The message I was, and am, portraying is that it all starts with belief. The belief you can, the belief you have the capability to conquer, the belief you can succeed. With a lot of my clients self-belief is a major hurdle and therefore I infuse them with my belief in them; if you don’t believe in yourself then believe in my belief in you! I have tremendous faith in the potential and capacity of everyone I meet, I can always see them “winning” even if they can not. I also believe it’s a good idea to start with smaller targets and once one is achieved, move onto the next and then the next and increase the size of the goal each time to build momentum and get into the winning habit. The next part of the moto and message is “Achieve” as in achieving what you believe in, so firstly believe that you can and then go on to achieve it. The achievement stage, no matter what, will take effort. Often it will take a lot of hard work and commitment and in most cases it will take dedication, sacrifice, discipline and complete focus. And this is were the utter satisfaction, blissful joy and sense of fulfilment can surge through your body. When you know you have given it your all, tried your very best and done all that you can – once you achieve that goal you are a winner! And this leads beautifully onto the third, and in my opinion the most important part, of the moto – Inspire….

This is the the part where I get most of my personal satisfaction and joy, this drives me forward and this is what excites me the most. When someone else takes inspiration from my actions, when someone sets a goal because they have seen it is possible. I was recently asked the question what my desires and dreams are….my answer; to inspire, educate and influence 100,o00 people! Bold statement? Absolutely! But this is why I do what I do, in an attempt to help others achieve what they want to achieve, get what they want to get and win what they want to win. And 100,000 people may seem like a lot but when you have a ripple affect it will be simpler than it may seem. With the power of social media, my public speaking events and the amount of people everybody knows either directly or indirectly I believe 100,000 people is a very achievable number – maybe my target isn’t high enough! And this is what YOU can do once you believe, once you have achieved and people see your results and actions you can and will inspire others to improve their lives and destiny.

So with the title in mind I want to take this opportunity to reflect on this memorable weekend for me personally. There has always been a burning desire within me to compete in a boxing match. I think it comes from the complete respect I have for the professional boxers I enjoy to watch in terms of their fitness, their training and the fact they are on their own in the ring with nowhere to hide. So when I saw the opportunity to take part in a white collar boxing event I knew my time had come to obtain this goal. I signed up and the training began. It was completely out of my comfort zone, but that is exactly where I love to be. The camp included 6 weeks of training with everyone who would be fighting but you wouldn’t find out your opponent until the day before the event. All the bouts would be matched by the coaches of the gym who would be instructing us and putting us through our paces for the duration before pairing us up evenly based on weight, fitness and ability. I made sure to give it my all in the training sessions and also made sure to take advantage of some personal coaching sessions with one of the coaches, Luke, to make sure to give myself the best chance of victory come fight night. Luke was fantastic with me, made my sessions very challenging and gave me great tips and tactics helping me prepare the best I could.


6 weeks went very quickly and during sparring sessions I made sure to gain as much experience as I could and also learning how to, and getting used to being hit by pairing myself against the more experienced boxers in the camp. And there was one  other fighter who I just kept pairing up with, someone who I saw as a definite potential opponent and someone who I had respect for. I would suggest we were two of the fittest in the camp, similar shape, about the same weight and someone who could join me in the ring and put on a show. Turns out we were paired together and it was quickly being billed as “fight of the night!”

Friday arrived, I felt calm, collected, fit and ready for the challenge. I was happy with my preparation, I fuelled and hydrated well all day and I was excited to be making my debut and stepping into the ring for the first time. We were fight number 10 of the evening and I was confident of getting the result in front of the 600 strong crowd, 30 of whom were there showing their support for me – for which I am so grateful. It was time, I made sure to enjoy my entrance, although focussed on the task I wanted to be present and I soaked up the atmosphere whilst acknowledging those their supporting me directly. I gave a little combination and wink to the camera and then it was show time. I couldn’t even tell you my opponents entrance music, I was in the zone, I was ready.


I flew out of the blocks and landed some good shots I wouldn’t let my opponent settle and we both were going for it. Adrenaline was taking over, I was participating in a boxing match, I was achieving a goal! I felt I won round 1. My coach had a word during the one minute interval telling me to slow it down, throw a combination and move out again or I would burn out. Round 2 was quickly underway and I was caught with some heavy shots, however I stood my ground and still felt like I was the more aggressive fighter but I was starting to feel heavy, not necessarily tired but just slow. Round 2 was his and it was all going to be decided in the final round. I don’t know what my coach said, I couldn’t hear the crowd, I had no concern for anything in the world except for the what was happening inside of the ring for the next two minutes – talk about being present! The last round got underway and we were both fatiguing, not too many shots being thrown and I felt if I were to throw a punch he would easily counter it as I didn’t have the speed. But having said that I still feel I was putting more pressure on him and still trying to be the more lively fighter. The final bell went. It was over. The referee raised my opponents hand in victory but I didn’t care, I had given it my all, I had tried my best so I felt like I had too had won!

Having competed in a boxing match I achieved a personal goal of mine and now I can walk amongst the very few who have ever fought another human being in a boxing ring. I want all my fellow fighters who fought on Friday night to know how much respect I have for you and how proud I am to have shared a white collar boxing camp and event with you – thank you.

Everyone else was in party mode all heading out , and rightly so, to celebrate their achievement. But not me I was heading home, as my next achievement was just hours away. The next goal of mine to be achieved was to compete in my second bodybuilding competition on Saturday afternoon so I headed home to start applying my tan so I was ready for the stage in just a matter of hours, celebration would have to wait!

Bed at 2am up at 7am and out the door by 8am. Registration was 12pm so I had time to prepare, head to the gym for a light session and apply another layer of tan to make sure I was ready for the stage. Another couple of hours of waiting around applauding and admiring the other athletes in the other categories in the competition and then I got the nod, I was up next in the fitness category. I always try to inject fun into anything I do, of course I take it seriously but it’s all about having fun so for my individual routine I came down the steps to Will Smith – Miami and had the crowd clapping as I marched back and forth across the stage striking the compulsory poses of any bodybuilding routine and then to finish I adopted “crow” pose from my yoga exploits and shot out into a plank and continued into press ups and gave the judges a little wink! Did they like it? Only they could tell you that but it was something a bit different and like I said a bit of fun too! After the individual routines came the compulsory poses, in which each competitor stands next to each other and strikes each pose for the judges in order for them to make their decisions. Being tired, depleted of energy and fatigued from the night before this was very challenging, holding poses and staying tense but I feel I did a good job. When we were told to rest and asked to leave the stage we all disappeared behind closed doors and myself and the other athletes shared a few laughs and jokes before being asked to return in front of the judges after about an hours time for the winners to be crowned.


When asked to relax on stage at a bodybuilding competition you can stand there with your hands on your hips, you must stay tense and stand tall and firm. So when were invited back on stage for our results to be announced we still had a lot of work to do to stand there in our “relaxed” position. The MC took to the microphone and said “in third place…..Adam Corlett!” I was very very happy to finish 3rd in a competitive group and especially that I hadn’t been able to focus my preparation on the competition due to the specific boxing training and also that I was in the ring less than 24 hours before. This capped an amazing weekend of sheer victory for me so to refer it back to the title of this blog post an amazing weekend of achievement. It took, as stated earlier, dedication, sacrifice, discipline and complete focus in order to get where I got and achieve what I achieved. When I reflect back on this weekend it fills me with pride for a lot of reasons. But the biggest reason of all for me personally is the inspiration I may have potentially injected into people, if people have seen my exploits this weekend and thought to themselves “if Adam can do that then I can do this” then that is my job done, that is what gives me joy and fills me with happiness. I want to thank Gail Rickett for her great photography work in the above photograph.

What a fantastic weekend and when you believe, you can achieve and then you will inspire!

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