The Amazing Machine – The Human Body

The Amazing Machine – The Human Body

I’m sat in Largo Bar and Grill in Downtown Miami, to my left is the marina aligned with boats and yachts of all different styles and sizes. In the distance there is a bridge, scaling the water below it, travelling East towards Miami Beach and all around me are miraculous and amazingly abled machines – human beings! Of who are also all different styles and sizes!
In my last blog I spoke about how I was just about to launch my new group training fitness camps, I spoke about some of my recently accomplished achievements, I spoke about some of my client success stories and I spoke about putting ideas into action. All of which make up this blog too, but of course each story has its own sentiment, its own meaning, its individuality and its own success.
As I glance to my left the sun has now disappeared and the bridge travelling East has a purple glow on the underside of it. I am sat in shorts and t-shirt just marvelling and watching as time ticks by, as decisions are made, as choices are chosen, as thoughts are thought and as actions are demonstrated. As I walked to my destination a random person in the street raised his hand as we passed one another and he requested “can I get a high five man?” in his deep American accent – of course I obliged – and although our interaction was brief I had a smile on my face. Why did the friendly stranger do that? Why have the people infront of me ordered Margheritas and why do we do what we do? And more to the point, why don’t we do what we can do?

On my return to England I am about to commence the third rendition of the newly named ACE Fit Camp. And I have now increased the amount of sessions to four per week. There will be approximately 30 people spread throughout the sessions which is absolutely fantastic, I am happy and proud that an idea has tuned into reality, a seed planted is now germinating but the best thing about all of this is the relationships that are being developed within the group, it’s actually very special to watch the support, the encouragement, the friendships and the cohesion between people, who 12 weeks ago didn’t even know each other existed. This was no more apparent when 15 of the group took to the Etihad Stadium, the Manchester Canal, the monkey bars and rings and the Travelator for Mens Health – Survival of The Fittest. For some, if not all, of the amazing people who took on the 10K obstacle challenge this wouldn’t have even been contemplated or thought of if it wasn’t for the ACE Fit Camp environment. And I was so delighted with all of our squad; every single one of our group did an amazing job and did themselves and the ACE name proud by completing the course and earning their medal. This was a choice each and every person made and this also shows the power of influence. Positive or negative, you are influenced by your circle. If you don’t like your circle then do the hardest thing, break free from it and barge your way into one in which you will develop, you will grow, you will achieve and you will improve. I am proud and honoured to say our ACE circle is doing all of those things for the fantastic people in it – and there is room for many, many more!


From an amazing group and brand achievement to an individual one. And the reason I am in Miami. To rewind to the beginning of 2016 when I was in Oslo, Norway to be witness to my friends, and clients, achievement of representing England in the sport of boxing. And to this day I am still incredibly proud of him and especially as he went on to have a sensational 2016 himself by being crowned ABA Champion of England for the super heavyweight division, how many people can say that? So when I was in Norway I said to my Dad that it was a goal of mine this year to travel down the Florida Keys as it is something that has intrigued me for many years. So as I was going to make that goal a reality I thought I could link it in with a sporting event in the USA and that is where my love affair with the New York Marathon was about to have another chapter written about it. This event was my very first major accomplishment, when I was just 20 years old – which is pretty young to run the full 26.2 miles – and 12 years later I have just completed it for the 4th time. Each race has been such a different experience, although all the principles are exactly the same in terms of distance, time of year, run route, atmosphere. There is something that has changed on every occasion – me. As a young 20 year old having never ran that far before I didn’t know how my body would respond to the new and alien pressures being placed upon it, four years later I had the privilege of running the first 18 miles of the race with my cousin (before he shot off!) and also breaking the 4 hour mark with a time of 3:59. The third race was a memory created with an ex partner which I will forever hold on to and I am still incredibly proud of her for completing it. But this time, my 4th time, was the best experience yet. I felt fit, strong and ready to run. I had been asked what time I would be happy with and my response had always been “a new PB” so anything under 3:59 was the target – but ultimately to enjoy the whole event, to take it all in and to be present throughout. I am a totally different person to that of who had been on the start line for the previous 3 races, my mindset was different, I felt calm and pumped up all at once and I was so appreciative of simply being there amongst 50,000 other people who had decided to take on this event, to push their body to the limit. As always the New York crowd were sensational, they really do help you when your legs are feeling tired. To just take in, and interact with, the crowd really helps out and before I knew it I was at the 10 mile marker and almost saddened that I would never see the previous 10 miles ever again in my life! And then I realised – I had another 16 left to go! The same usual feelings began to occur at similar parts of the race, the same sensations in the legs and the same thoughts run through the head but never did I ever think about stopping or walking. This rule was set way back in 2004 – never stop running! I knew I was making good time, the clocks were confirming that for me as mile by mile I was trying to work out if I was on for a new PB, I entered Central Park feeling good and running faster and more fluently than I had at the same stage in previous races. I hit the 26-mile mark and only 0.2 miles left so I decided to step the pace up as much as my legs would let me. I was ready to finish the race but at the same time I was saddened that the New York Marathon was over, the event I had been prepping for since June was now in the past and the only thing left to do was collect my medal and find out my official time…..


3:47! I was delighted! And what this says to me is that if you train your body, if you fuel it with the right energy and you don’t abuse your amazing, miraculous machine you can get stronger and stronger regardless of age. When I ran 3:59 I was 24 years old and I have just smashed 12 minutes of that time and I am now 32. Still young of course but I bet you I can go quicker in my next marathon – whenever that may be!

As when I went to Vegas after completing my bodybuilding and boxing events earlier this year my reward this time around after this achievement was tick off another goal and fly to Key West, drive the Florida Keys and spend a few days in Miami! I am privileged to have been to NBA game, sunbathed on South Beach, walked down Ocean Drive, public transported my way through Downtown Miami and soaked up the amazing diverse culture here. This is after being witness to some beautiful sunsrises and sunsets in Marathon and Key Largo on the Keys as well as having a Manatee swim right under the pier I was stood on, have a squirrel take food from my hand and see some huge and colourful iguanas – and not once has anyone spoke about Mr. Trump being elected as president which is great because if I want peoples opinion on that I can just scroll through Facebook for 10 seconds – the home of opinions (lol)!

My body, just like all the bodies of the amazing ACE team, have carried us through our respective events and experiences. Our bodies have quite literally done as they are told because that is the capability of the machine you possess. You tell it to walk it walks, you tell it to sit it sits, you tell it to be active it will be active but if you guide it and instruct it to be lazy it will also follow those instructions. You are in control of your amazing machine – the human body!

And so I will leave you with this; whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve – think about it – it all starts in the mind!

Thank you as always for reading,

My dearest regards,

Your friend – Adam ☺

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