Adventures, fitness, magical memories

Adventures, fitness, magical memories

Since my lat blog in November I am pleased to say I have continued to live by my morales and by my own personal standards I have set for myself. My last piece was written geographically in Miami and spiritually from a grateful and very blessed place. This piece is also written from the same spiritual place having just returned from an incredible adventure in a different geographical place – Thailand!

I started to write this blog before I left in the middle of April whilst I was waiting for my car to be valeted. I touched on how important it is (in my opinion) to keep your environment clean, fresh and tidy hence the car valet. It is important to stay in a state of pride about your possessions and make each experience using them as enjoyable as possible and to enhance the experience of driving even further I make sure to never listen to the radio! I have set this non-negoiteable standard for myself as a few years ago I heard a radio presenter mock those who were up early on a Saturday morning going to the gym as Saturdays are meant for lie ins until 12pm enjoying bacon buttys and cups of coffee! I allowed myself to become angry at the presenter who was encouraging societies conforming attitudes when in fact all I had to do was hit the power button! And that is what I did! Frustration instantly lifted! From that day forward I only listen to positive, encouraging words whilst I drive either from my own mind or the mind of many successful people from our past and present in the form of audio books and CD’s. Successful people sharing how they have acquired their own personal success, this is rich mental protein to feed your mind and brain. Much more beneficial than listening to radio presenters chat utter garbage – only in my opinion of course!


Time for Thailand! And the reason I went was as a reward. I am a big believer in rewarding success and another personal achievement of mine was accomplished on April 9th at the WFF British Bodybuilding Competition. This was my third competition having placed 3rd in my previous two. I wanted that 1st place trophy! I had trained hard for this comp and my preparation was great. I was lean yet holding some nice muscle mass and I entered the “fitness” category and weighed in at 74.4kg – which is around 10 kilos lighter than the weight I usually sit at for the majority of the year. The two weeks leading up to the comp were tough as always, with the calorie restriction and energy levels dropping. I like to stay occupied in this situation, to keep my mind focussed and my body active. So the ACE Life legends and myself booked in a little excursion to Ben Nevis – the tallest mountain in the UK to take on this challenge! It was a great weekend away in Scotland, I was especially pleased to have organised a successful trip for 16 people – 16 fantastic people may I add. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

Anyway back to the bodybuilding competition – I am pleased to say I did place 1st and walked away satisfied with my achievement. When it comes to getting into such great shape I always say it’s not about achieving the body, it’s about having the mindset to achieve the body. And then you can apply that mindset to other areas of your life too and become successful in those areas showing discipline, dedication and persistence.

Having placed 1st my reward was an adventure to an unknown land, I love to explore, to enter into foreign territory and to see what the universe has in store for me wherever I go. My destination this time around was PhuketFit in the Southern regions of Phuket. PhuketFit is a retreat style organisation offering detox, weight loss and total fitness programs. I had booked myself onto the total fitness program for a week of hard core fitness, quality and local nutrition and to mix with like minded people from all over the globe – and this is exactly what it was like. The atmosphere, the training, the weather, the staff, the other customers, the local area, the culture, the scenery and everything else was absolutely first class. It was a tremendous experience from start to finish!

During my stay at PhuketFit I was also working on two brand new programs I am implementing into my business. The 8 Week Online Fat Loss Program and The 12 Week Mentor Program. I hardly slept for my entire stay as I was up until all hours most nights working on my website and the final details for the programs and then I was up early running or training! So when I left PhuketFit and went somewhere else for 2 nights I took some time out from the gym to allow my body to relax, but I was still relentless on my business planning and implementing – but my business is my love so it was always a pleasure and never a chore! In my new hotel the culture and attitude of the local people continued to amaze me, they couldn’t do enough for you. From a personal development point of view I think the service I offer is first class but I could certainly take something from the way the Thai people treat their customers! First class the whole way! So this was a two night chill in Kamala with a few hours spent in Patong to sample what most Brits come to Phuket for – it wasn’t for me! A little seedy (but to be expected) and great to see it however I was grateful to be travelling to Ko Yao Yai the following day!

And it was in this magnificent place where many more magical memories were created…


It was a 20 minute sped boat journey from the mainland to a secluded island home to a luxury resort! Beautiful beach, sensational weather, cliffside infinity pool, authentic thai food, remarkable staff (yet again!), bath on the balcony and an unbeatable atmosphere – this was paradise and my gratefulness level was off the chart! More work on the laptop, onto the yoga mat and back in the gym – life is so good! On my second to last day it started with some delightful breakfast and a 25K bike ride to explore the local area of this island, I was pretty shocked but not surprised to see 10 year old kids riding scooters but every opportunity they had they would wave and greet me with a genuine smile.

The universe works in wonderful ways and when you are in tune with your purpose, when you are in a constant state of gratitude and when you respect the world we are in – it will work for you! The Law of Attraction is indeed a law and by abiding by this law I was brought into contact with a very cool person all the way from San Francisco but now residing in LA so as you can imagine I was very interested to find out all about what it is like to live Stateside. An afternoon of sharing, smiling and talking all things great we booked a trip to James Bond Island for one last excursion and to sign off from my Asia adventure is style!

What more can I say about this incredible experience? I love how I am excited to see my clients on Monday, I love how I am excited to be back in the UK when the majority of people would be suffering the “holiday blues” and I love how excited I am to really hit the training hard again now for the next 7 weeks before my next event. I am privileged to be living my own personal ACE Life, a life created and dictated by myself and offering myself constant satisfaction and gratification. My intention is to drive this life into other people and allow others to believe it is possible for them too, I will keep on keeping on, I will stay hungry in the pursuit of this and my other goals and I will continue to attempt to add value to all places I go and to all those with whom I come into contact with. Life is for living, to create magical memories and to go on, and enjoy, adventures!

Thank you so much for reading this blog, as always I wish you all the best,

Warm wishes,

Adam 🙂

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